Stephanie Who?

Whether you know Stephanie or are just finding out about her, it's safe to say that she is a unique experience.
An Ohio native, Stephanie has been singing and shaking her butt since the kiddie pool years.  She was sure her days were numbered when her mother picked up the phone during one intense jam session to a 7-Up commercial, but luckily the call was to set up dance lessons instead.  Ever since then, Miss Hayslip has been most at home when she is onstage, wowing crowds with her bubbling energy and lack of shame.
Her hunger for new experiences and new audiences has sent her across the eastern seaboard and back, and now she has finally landed on the west coast to give it a try.  Although there is nothing quite like spring in Central Park, she is certain she can get used to sandy beaches and In-N-Out burgers.
In her spare time Stephanie is a self-admitted geek and seamstress.  She aspires to one day be on broadway with a Tony in her hand, a sci-fi action star with a penchant for brilliant dialogue, a steampunk goddess with her very own mechanical mansion, ride a unicorn, escape the labyrinth, fly, charm people with a look, all while having fabulous hair when she wakes up in the morning.